Research projects

Research Topics

Clinical applications​

Quantitative cardiac MRI (T1, T2 mapping, cardiac function assessment etc…); bowel motility assessment by dynamic MRI; breast cancer detection/characterization by MRI; study of cardiac remodelling in post-infarct patients; catheter ablation of ventricular tachycardia; prediction of the risk of ventricular tachycardia from MRI.

Reasearch projects

ELECTRA: Electrical property imaging by MRI: Application to the MR-safety of medical devices

French ANR programme – Enterprise-academia collaboration (2021-25) Involvement : Principal investigator Academic collaborators : ICUBE (Strasbourg), LMR (Reims), CIC-IT (Nancy) Enterprise collaborator : Healtis (Nancy) Description : Knowledge of the electrical properties (EP, conductivity and permittivity) of human tissues is required to estimate, by numerical simulation, the heating of tissues during an MRI examination in

BraCoil: Smart bra-shaped MRI breast coil

French ANR programme – International collaboration, France-Austria (2017-21) Involvement : Leader of WP4 (Motion-compensated reconstruction) Main collaborators : University of Vienna (Austria), IR4M (Orsay) Description : BraCoil aims at developping new hardware and software tools to improve MR mammography. Bra-shaped flexible MRI coils are being developed (Vienna and IR4M partners) to improve the signal-to-noise ratio

FIGHT-HF: Fighting Heart Failure

French RHU programme, 2016-2021 Involvement : Partner ; Leader of WP 3.2 (Cardiac tissue characterization by MRI and electro-imaging) Main collaborators : CIC Nancy, Schiller Médical, LIRYC (Bordeaux) Description : Within the FIGHT-HF project, we are investigating novel cardiac tissue characterization techniques in order to identify imaging biomarkers for heart failure. We are also developing

ALVALE: Anatomical Localization of the origin of Ventricular Arrhythmias from the 12-Lead ECG

EU Eurostars programme, 2016-2018 Involvement : Partner Main collaborators : Peacs (Netherlands), Schiller AG (Switzerland), Radboud University (Netherlands), University Hospital of Basel (Switzerland), Lucern University (Switzerland) Description : Within the ALVALE project, we are investigating ways to select a model of the patient conducting model for electrocardiographic imaging (ECGI). ECGI aims at reconstructing cardiac activation