Who am I?

I am a Research Fellow of Inserm, the French institute of healthcare research. I am working in the IADI (Imagerie Adaptative Diagnostique et Interventionnelle, Inserm U1254) research team, which is part of Université de Lorraine.

I am also with the Centre d’Investigation Clinique et d’Innovation Technologique (CIC-IT 1433), a structure dedicated to the support of clinical research.


My research interests are focused on magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), image reconstruction from corrupted/incomplete data, biomedical signal and image processing. I am working with a team of basic scientists and physicians on novel techniques to improve MRI in moving organs (heart breast, bowel etc…) and cardiac interventional electrophysiology.


I have an electrical engineering background with a degree obtained in 2003 from ENSEM (Nancy, France), a French engineering school from Institut National Polytechnique de Lorraine. In 2007 I obtained a PhD degree in automation and signal processing from Université Henri Poincaré de Nancy. From 2007 to 2010 I worked as a research associate (post-doc) in the Centre for Medical Image Computing, a research team of  University College London, UK. In 2011 I was appointed as a research fellow of Inserm (chargé de recherche) in the IADI team in Nancy. In 2017 I got the HDR degree (French accreditation to supervise research) from Université de Lorraine. Since 2018, I have been the deputy head of IADI. In parallel to my research activity, I have joined the CIC-IT team since 2015 in order to help transfer our research projects to the clinical setting. I have supervised 10 PhD students in the fields of MRI, PET, ECG and cardiac electrophysiology.

I have coauthored over 75 peer-reviewed journal papers in the fields of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), signal/image processing and bioengineering applied to medicine. I have reviewed over 100 journal papers and I am a regular reviewer for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine.

Since 2015 I have been in the board of the French society of magnetic resonance in biology and medicine (SFRMBM), from which I am the current webmaster. Since 2020 I have also been a member of France Life Imaging (FLI), a French network for biomedical imaging research (board member of workpackage 3, dedicated to inteventional Imaging).